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Anxiety is having to carry on working somewhere that makes it hard for you to breathe because quitting would stop your breath completely

Anxiety is having your teacher explain the wrong thing to you because she’d already started and you couldn’t say anything to stop her

Anxiety is buying something you didn’t really want because the cashier mentioned some offer and you panicked and said yes

Anxiety is hiding away at school where no one can see you because you’re convinced everyone keeps staring at you

Anxiety is knowing every answer to the questions your teacher asks but never once answering because how can you raise your hand and speak in front of everyone

Anxiety is slowly ruining my life


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« you know how people can have gender swap surgeries and get new completely functional parts
what if they came out with a surgery to lengthen your spine and give you a mermaid tail and give you special fishy lungs and boom you’re a mermaid

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