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me as a parent

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« Then you got to pick a method - how you’re gonna do it. Well, let me see now. Afraid of heights, that’s no good. Can’t swallow pills, don’t like the sight of blood. Fucking oven’s electric. I’d lay down in front of a train, except the Amtrak ain’t come through here in thirty goddamn years. Maybe I’ll just take a gun and shoot myself in the mouth. Eh, suppose I miss? People be laughing at me. Suppose I live! I’ll have a big fucking hole in my head! I’d have to wear some kind of dumbass hat. Well, I guess I’ll just hang myself, that’d be good. Gotta get a rope. Shit, it’s always something. I got a rope in the garage. Eh, it’s got a lot of grease and paint on it. Don’t want to get that stuff on my neck. Walmart’s having a special on rope this weekend. No sense spending a lot of money to kill myself. Then again, I can always put it on my credit card, I’ll never have to pay the fucking thing. That’s it then, I’m hanging myself and Walmart’s paying for it. »

- George Carlin, Life is Worth Losing (via teen-tyrant)




Falling in love

this is like, the most perfect photoset ever


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Villa Ada - Rome - Italy (von Giampaolo Macorig)


Villa Ada - Rome - Italy (von Giampaolo Macorig)

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